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Bingo Night & Dinner - November 10th

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It's November, you're sitting by the fire enjoying some hot cocoa when it hits you - YOU FORGOT TO BUY YOUR TICKETS TO BINGO NIGHT.
Don't be this person, get your tickets today.

This will be the bingo you're used to with a Warehouse 22 twist. We'll be doing 8 Bingo games throughout night and will also be doing a raffle; tickets will be available throughout the night.

What's included?: 

  • Dinner
  • 3 bingo cards (more available for purchase)
  • Pen for marking your numbers (daubers available for purchase)

When: November 18th 6-8PM

Where: Warehouse 22 in Syracuse, UT

How much: $30/person gets you in the door, Dinner and 3 cards in hand (extra cards will be available for purchase as well as daubers)

  • Extra bingo cards: $5/card - 3 for $12 - 6 for $20 - 9 for $25 - 50 for $130
  • Daubers: $5
  • Raffle Tickets: $2/ticket - 8 for $10